Music is a language, and my philosophy and approach to the clarinet is to instill a love and appreciation of this language which transcends and overlaps into everyday life. Music is not a separate entity, but instead, enhances other interests in a students' life and awakens an awareness of the cross-over of pedagogical theories such as rhythm, musicality, physical co-ordination, development of both the left side and right side of the brain, discipline learned from practice, and other methodology. Through this approach, an understanding of music is developed and students are encouraged to view music as more than just a weekly lesson.  


Clarinet fundamentals such as consistency of tone, intonation, the importance of technique, musicality and the like will be instructed to the  


Clarinet reeds are essential and the perfect reed makes one happy.

student through method and instruction books, and compositions. Each student is an individual, and although the fundamentals are consistent, the learning-process is customized to meet the students' goals.


Music is for life, and my ultimate goal is to share and pass along my love for music!